As with any journey that we find ourselves on, we see markers along the way. These markers may be different in nature and may indicate different things. They may be signs that give us direction for travel or warning signs that indicate reason for caution. They may be landmarks that remind us to go this way or that way. They may even be signs to convey information for our advantage or often to be ignored. Whatever the case, markers along our journey are valuable and enable us to get from our starting point to our point of completion. Will Smith has been one of those markers along my journey of following Christ. Although my journey began long before I met Will, his wisdom about living as an Ambassador of Reconciliation, his knowledge of The Word and his zeal for sharing the Good News has challenged me to travel differently than I did prior to our friendship. I travel more lightly now as Will continually reminds me that the Father sees Jesus when he looks at me and that all is well.