Having been in ministry for years and fought with sin issues for years, I’m grateful to finally say that I’m freed! I spent years as a believer. Desiring the Liberty that Jesus promised, I studied and searched the scriptures. All of my searching told me that what I was seeking is possible, but I remained unchanged.. or so I thought. In a session with Bro. Willie Smith, he was able to open my eyes to an area that I was not seeing. Romans’ 6, I have died to sin, in Christ, now I share in His victory over sin! What an awesome promise that I receive by faith! 

I thank God for a minister who is seasoned in the word and flows in the gifting of the Spirit. I truly believe that God used Bro Willie Smith to “unlock” the truths that I had learned in years of being a believer and seeker. Truths that I had seen as being out of my reach. Access into the life that I’d believed possible for all and had seen so few to walk in. I stand grateful for a willing servant/son who would follow The Lord into a call to stand by faith alone. This family is an inspiration and I believe true representation of the walk of faith that we are all called to walk. May The Father continue to bless their labors.