No matter where we are in our walk with Christ, applying God’s truths in our everyday lives can sometimes be a real challenge. Even if we know what the Bible teaches us about our new identity in Jesus, we often find ourselves stuck, unable to get past that surface-level knowledge.

Perhaps these questions have been on your heart lately. You may ask yourself, “Am I really a New Creation now or is this something I only get to look forward to in heaven?” or “I don’t act or feel like I am made new in Christ, can I really experience what the Bible says?”

We here at New Creation517 understand these questions and that it can sometimes be a struggle to live within your new identity in Jesus. Our desire is to come alongside you, through individual discipleship and community partnership with local churches, helping you discover the answer to these questions as we guide you in partnering Biblical knowledge with everyday life. We invite you to take a step of faith and find out what it means to rest on the truth of the Cross of Jesus Christ and subsequently live in the fullness of your New Identity in Christ.

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Pastoral care

There is a battle being waged daily for our beliefs, one in which the lies that surround us attempt to steer us away from the truths found in God’s Word. In turn, there comes an inevitable point in all of our lives where we must choose what to believe. If you find yourself at this point, desiring to live a life glorifying to God but unsure how to overcome your present struggles, we are here to help. Book an appointment to learn how to experience true union with Jesus and discover what it means to live out of your New Identity in Christ. Click below to book an appointment – all discipleship sessions are free.