About The Book

“Self The Hidden Idol”  is a book that deals with the growing trend of selfishness. 

As we look at the various means by which we glorify the hidden idol of self in our lives, we will uncover numerous ways that our focus gradually gets pulled away from the eternal promises of Jesus Christ and towards a reliance on self-help and self-improvement. 

Throughout this book, we will examine what God says about how we should view ourselves and learn how we can truly live a selfless life. 

About The Author:

Willie Smith grew up in a small town called Shiloh, Georgia and is the founder of New Creation517 Inc. He has written several blogs and teaching for his website www.newcreation517.org but Willie never aspired to write a book as he thought there were already enough Christian books on the bookshelves and in people’s homes. But being obedient to God, Willie wrote his first book, “Self: The Hidden Idol,” a book that concisely demonstrates the ways in which we both actively and passively worship the idol of Self in our lives. Through personal reflection and renouncing of lies that the idol of Self was formulating in his own life, Willie’s book teaches on how to replace worship of ourselves with a full understanding of God’s grace and the freedom that is found only through the cross of Jesus Christ. Willie remains devoted to sharing the love of God in Jesus Christ along with his wife Shengxi through their ministry as missionaries. In “Self: The Hidden Idol,” Willie offers the world what God has taught him, through His Word and by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.