Self-The Hidden Idol

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"Reading this book gave me sober reflections. I heard the voice of God clearly speak to me to reconcile with my mother and I couldn't resist. That is why I knew it was the Holy Spirit. There's no two ways about it, disobedience to God's Word is simply worshipping the god of "self" which is the whole essence of this book."

Esther Editor at Fiverr

Willie Smith’s debut book Self: The Hidden Idol concisely teaches Biblical principles regarding the oft-overlooked idol of self in our lives. No matter where you currently are in your spiritual walk, this book is a must-read, not just for its richness in truth but for its intelligent and impactful discernment of the numerous counterfeits that we worship in lieu of the Lord. You will walk away from this book with a more comprehensive understanding of how magnificent Jesus’ love is for you, as well as solutions for how to transform the snare of self-centeredness into a renewed, selfless life in Jesus Christ.

Brent Townend USF Graduate

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Self The Hidden Idol is a recommended reading. Our life in Christ - for Christ. It is very obvious that Will Smith loves the Word of God and the power it has to change lives for eternity with the life, light, grace of truth of Christ Jesus.

Don McAuthor


“Self The Hidden Idol”  is a book that deals with the growing trend of selfishness. 

As we look at the various means by which we glorify the hidden idol of self in our lives, we will uncover numerous ways that our focus gradually gets pulled away from the eternal promises of Jesus Christ and towards a reliance on self-help and self-improvement. 

Throughout this book, we will examine what God says about how we should view ourselves and learn how we can truly live a selfless life. 

Author: Willie Smith

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Self: The Hidden Idol