Excellent ministry, genuine man of God, true discipleship based upon God's grace through Christ and the cross. Author of Introducing The New You - www.sourceministries.net

Dr Lewis Gregory Preseident of Source Ministries International

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Having known Will Smith for the past 20 years, I have been most impacted and inspired by his sincere love, endless devotion and tireless servant spirit. Will's embodies a love for family and people that is both pure and deep. His devotion for his family, friends, and the work of Christ seems to never waiver regardless of circumstances. Will always seem to have the time, energy, and desire to give of himself to help others. Perhaps I am most impressed that he has been able to do this through personal challenges and imperfection with a commitment to bring glory to God and not himself.

Minister James Gilbert Minister

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Willie is a discipler of men. His desire is to win people to the Lord using Scripture from the Word of God. As Christ’s mission is to reach the Lost, Bro. Willie mission is the same and to see that many will come to Lord from the moment you meet him. He has a sincerity in what he does and makes sure that you know that you are important. He will honor his commitment to his appointments. He is respected by the people he comes into contact with in his journeys to where God leads him.

On the Native American reservations, Native youth need a mentor to guide them and to teach them. He engages the youth in dialog and by listening to their stories, he begins to teach them about the Basics of Christianity. His faithfulness to the Native youth has yielded much fruit in the short time I have known him (4 years). 

Youth have been impacted for years to come, and have come to now Christ by his ministry.He is a dear friend and is a genuine servant of the Lord, and a fisher of men, Matthew 4:19: “And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Steve Funston Pastor of Carson Living Waters Assemblies of God Church, Inc.

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Will Smith is a man that desires to see people walk in their full potential given to them by God. It’s his heart’s desire to see them live free and live accepted by our main source of approval, God himself. Will has a way about him to hear not just what people are saying but what they are not saying and to be able to speak into that with Truth. Will lives already approved and helps others to live in this way as well! 

Heather Andreasen His House/ Sagiaw MI

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Having been in ministry for years and fought with sin issues for years, I’m grateful to finally say that I’m freed! I spent years as a believer. Desiring the Liberty that Jesus promised, I studied and searched the scriptures. All of my searching told me that what I was seeking is possible, but I remained unchanged.. or so I thought. In a session with Bro. Willie Smith, he was able to open my eyes to an area that I was not seeing. Romans’ 6, I have died to sin, in Christ, now I share in His victory over sin! What an awesome promise that I receive by faith! 

I thank God for a minister who is seasoned in the word and flows in the gifting of the Spirit. I truly believe that God used Bro Willie Smith to “unlock” the truths that I had learned in years of being a believer and seeker. Truths that I had seen as being out of my reach. Access into the life that I’d believed possible for all and had seen so few to walk in. I stand grateful for a willing servant/son who would follow The Lord into a call to stand by faith alone. This family is an inspiration and I believe true representation of the walk of faith that we are all called to walk. May The Father continue to bless their labors.

Rick McCormick Pastor

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As with any journey that we find ourselves on, we see markers along the way. These markers may be different in nature and may indicate different things. They may be signs that give us direction for travel or warning signs that indicate reason for caution. They may be landmarks that remind us to go this way or that way. They may even be signs to convey information for our advantage or often to be ignored. Whatever the case, markers along our journey are valuable and enable us to get from our starting point to our point of completion. Will Smith has been one of those markers along my journey of following Christ. Although my journey began long before I met Will, his wisdom about living as an Ambassador of Reconciliation, his knowledge of The Word and his zeal for sharing the Good News has challenged me to travel differently than I did prior to our friendship. I travel more lightly now as Will continually reminds me that the Father sees Jesus when he looks at me and that all is well.

Paul Morgan New Name Men's Group

This letter is to express our deepest gratitude and thanks for the ministry and service Will Smith afforded us while he was in Gallup, New Mexico. He not only touched our hearts but he touched the hearts of our congregation as he so willingly stepped up to help in whatever capacity that was needed. Will served the missionary field through counseling, discipleship, teaching, and so much more. Among the many things Will did in service to others, the most impactful he did to build up the community was his discipleship with young people and families. Will built relationships with others and supported them in their personal lives while always pointing them to Christ.

Pastors Dennis and Corrine Gallegos Pasttor / thejoshuagenerationforjesus.com

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Willie is the most “real to life person” I’ve met. He is deep, but he still can relate to me, an almost 74 year old former Catholic who still clung to my past. Willie made me look at myself as God sees me. I had always been put down as an inferior human being as a middle child of 12 and one who spent 12 years in Catholic schools hearing “you will never amount to anything”. One visit to his home changed my life. He asked me to read Colossians 3:1,2 & 3…..I have never looked at myself the same since. Jesus erased all my misgivings and shortcomings from that day on. Willie knows Jesus and He walks in the power of the Holy Spirit confidently.  I love my brother in Christ, Willie Smith..

JIm Keffer New Name Men's Group/ https://nnmg.live

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Will is a wonderful brother in Christ! He helped me to understand not to beat myself up when I make a mistake but that God sees me as he sees Christ. He has a wonderful program that he lead and it really brought me closer to my walk with the Lord. He is a main leader in our Saturday mornings men's group. His knowledge of the scriptures is a blessing for each man in our group. I am so blessed to know Will and have him as a mentor in my life.

Chris Mcgaha New New Men's Group/ https://nnmg.live